Facilities Advisory (7/11) Committee

The West Covina Unified School District is currently accepting applications to become a member of the Facilities Advisory (7-11) Committee.

The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Board regarding the use or disposition of surplus property. 

The committee shall consist of not less than seven and no more than eleven members and shall be representative of the District Community.

  • Business community (e.g. business owner, manager, or supervisor)
  • Landowner, homeowner or renter
  • Current West Covina Unified School District Teacher
  • Current West Covina Unified School Administrator
  • Parent of current West Covina Unified School District student(s)
  • Person with expertise in environmental impact, legal contracts, building codes and land use planning
  • Knowledge of zoning and other land use restrictions in West Covina

If you would like to be considered for the Facilities Advisory (7-11) Committee and you qualify in at least one of the areas listed above, please complete and submit an application. Click here for application.

All applications need to be emailed to Martha R. Morales, Executive Assistant - Business Services no later than 4:30pm on June 1, 2022.