Fiscal Services

The fiscal services goal is to maintain the district’s financial well-being by ensuring the effective and appropriate use of resources to ensure achievement of the district’s goals while also maintaining the appropriate fiduciary roles expected by the community and taxpayers. In support of our goal, we provide the schools, community, administrators, staff, and the Board of Education with timely and accurate financial projections and reporting.

The Fiscal Services department manages all financial functions of the district, which includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, attendance accounting, budgeting, grant accounting, payroll and benefits, charter school fiscal oversight, financials reporting, along with oversight of Associated Student Body (ASB).


John Ziegenhohn
Chief Fiscal Executive
(626) 939-4600 ext. 1404
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Steve Matsubara
Assistant Director
626-939-4600 ext. 1405
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Ray Wilds
Director of Business Services
626-939-4600 x 1403
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Victor Mejia
Accounting/Budget Tech
(626) 939-4600 ext. 1409
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Patricia Campos
Fiscal Services Specialist,  Health Benefits
(626) 939-4600 ext. 1408
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Jackie Dytuco
Accounts Payable
626-939-4600 ext. 1407
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Sarah Ibrahim
Fiscal Services Specialist, Certificated Staff Payroll
626-939-4600 ext. 1406
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Eloisa Haughy
Fiscal Services Specialist, Classified Staff Payroll
(626) 939-4600 ext. 1410  



Fiscal Services Specialist, Health Benefits
(626) 939-4600