Risk Management

In risk management, we perform annual safety audits on every campus for property and liability insurance to ensure our campuses are safe for students and staff. We also present staff safety trainings to ensure a safe work environment for all staff and visitors. Please visit the links at the side of this page for more information.

Safety Awareness


We want everyone to enjoy their time at West Covina Schools; please be safe.

  • Recognize potential accidents and avoid them.
  • Avoid heavy lifting - ask for assistance.
  • Use equipment properly.
  • Keep walkways and aisles clear from debris, book bags, and cords.
  • Report safety concerns and accidents promptly.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Report Job Injury


If you are injured at work, please inform your supervisor immediately and report the injury to Nurse on Call at 877-854-6877. Supervisors, it is your responsibility to complete the Supervisor Injury Report and notify Martha R. Morales for follow-up and investigation. We must keep accurate records and full reports to ensure our employees remain safe.

Anyone may report a safety concern utilizing the forms provided at the side of this page. Site supervisors should submit safety work orders that list known issues to be addressed. Please copy Martha R. Morales on all such communications to ensure proper follow-up.



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