Educational Services

The West Covina Educational Services Division is dedicated to supporting the district learning community by providing the best possible educational opportunities for students. Our department implements a variety of services, including professional development, to support rigorous and engaging instructional programs while creating a safe and healthy learning environment.

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Denise Knutsen
Assistant Superintendent,
Educational Services Division
626-939-4600 ext. 1202
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Tanya Arias
Executive Assistant,
Asst. Superintendent of Educational Services
626-939-4600 ext. 1202
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Stacy Arrieta
Coordinator of ROP/CTE and College & Career Pathways
626-939-4600 ext. 1214
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Karla Contreras, Ed.D.
Coordinator of Data and Assessment
626-939-4600 ext. 1213
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Jennifer Crabtree
Coordinator of Educational Technology
626-939-4600 ext. 1209
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Kyle Myers
Coordinator of Visual and Performing Arts
626-939-4800 ext. 2123
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Elementary Education

Sonia Gonzalez
Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
626-939-4600 ext. 1205
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Larraine Gonzalez
Administrative Secretary I
626-939-4600 ext. 1206
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Secondary Education

Marc Trovatore, Ed.D.
Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction 
626-939-4600 ext. 1203
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Viridiana Lopez
Administrative Secretary I
626-939-4600 ext. 1210 
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Special Education

Lori Williams, Psy.D. 
Director of Special Education
626-939-4600 ext. 1307
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Magdalena Peña
Administrative Secretary I
626-939-4600 ext. 1307 
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Student Services

Devon Rose, Ed.D.
Director of Student Services
626-939-4600 ext. 1207
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Tina Flores
Administrative Secretary I
626-939-4600 ext. 1208
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Special Projects

Jenel Edlund, Ed.D.
Director of Special Projects
626-939-4600 ext. 1219
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Emily Benavidas
Program Coordinator for Speech and Debate
626-939-4600 ext. 1222
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