Curriculum and Instruction

At WCUSD, our award-winning schools are building on excellence! We are proud to provide our students with high academic standards, highly qualified teachers, flexible school placement, and a proven curriculum. Below, you’ll discover more about our curriculum, which incorporates the Common Core. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the appropriate staff member below.

Instructional Techniques

We understand that students learn in different ways and we are committed to providing instructional techniques to meet those needs. We utilize such methods as differentiated instruction and project-based learning to help our students master concepts and relate their learning to life.

Differentiated Instruction
Differentiated instruction ensures that what a student learns and how he or she learns it matches that student’s ability and interests. Differentiation encourages teachers to adjust their teaching style to accommodate their students’ learning needs to help them achieve academically. Our teachers use methods like:

  • Hands-on instruction using manipulatives
  • Oral instruction with visual clues
  • Reading choice and journaling
  • Movement 
  • Problem-solving
  • Cooperative learning
  • Authentic assessments

Project-based Learning
Project-based learning is a mode of teaching crafted around a defined problem that students must solve using concepts taught in the classroom. It generally requires students to assume specific roles (such as research assistants, environmental advisers, or advocates) to solve issues and address opposing concerns so students can reach a solution that meets the demands of all involved. It is a great team-building exercise that helps students transfer information to real life.

Common Core Standards

The California State Board of Education adopted the California Common Core standards in 2010. Since that time, West Covina has been working to implement them into our classrooms’ curriculum. These core standards establish consistent and clear educational goals for the entire state to help our students be better prepared for college and career. 

Our teachers are utilizing Common Core, along with Essential Standards, to teach our students to think critically and master concepts in a building block style. We believe this will enable them to connect learning to real life. If you would like a closer look at Common Core, we have provided links for you at the side of this page.

Curriculum Adoptions for 2019-2020

The West Covina Unified School District is considering the following instructional materials for adoption:

  A. English Language Development, offered at Edgewood Schools, Hollencrest Middle School, Walnut           Grove Intermediate School, and West Covina High School -

     1.   Inside the USA, by Deborah J. Short, Josefina Villamil Tinajero (Middle & High School)

     2.  Inside, by David W. Moore, Deborah J. Short, Michael W. Smith, Alfred W. Tatum, Josefina                       Villamil Tinajero, Gretchen Bernabei (Middle School)

     3.  Edge, by David W. Moore, Deborah J. Short, Michael W. Smith, Alfred W. Tatum (High School)

  B. Health Education, offered at Edgewood Middle School, Hollencrest Middle School, and Walnut                 Grove Intermediate School –

     1.   Rights, Respect, Responsibility, by Elizabeth Schroeder, Eva S. Goldfarb, and Nora Gelperin

  C. Peer Counseling, offered at West Covina High School –

     1.   Peer Counseling. Skills, Ethics, and Perspectives, 2nd Ed., by Vincent J. D’Andrea and Peter                     Salovey

Pursuant to Board Policy 6161.1 (b), these materials will be available at the District front office for inspection up until May 24, 2019.