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Co-Interim Superintendents Selected

After multiple interviews and thoughtful deliberation, the WCUSD Board of Education identified Mr. Juan López and Dr. Gary Rutherford as finalists in their search for an interim superintendent. The Board determined that they should serve as Co-Interim Superintendents. Accordingly, they were confirmed effective immediately at the Regular Board Meeting on August 10, 2021. 

Together, Mr. López and Dr. Rutherford possess more than 80 years of experience in K-12 education. They have both held the position of superintendent. In addition, they have provided leadership as interim superintendents for several school districts in recent years. The unique advantage of having co-interim superintendents is that the District gains the talents and expertise of both individuals yet incurs no additional costs. They will work on different days and are paid only for the days that they work. At no time will the District pay double for a single day's work. 

Juan López served as a superintendent in the Val Verde Unified School District for three years prior to his retirement. In addition, Mr. López brings 25 years of extensive experience as Assistant Superintendent for Personnel/Human Resources. A resident of West Covina, his career began in the classroom as a bilingual teacher and includes service as a teacher trainer, assistant principal, and principal.

Gary Rutherford retired from the Desert Sands Unified School District in 2017, with 16 years of service as a superintendent of three school districts. Gary, a native Californian, began his career in public education as a special education teacher in 1976. He enjoyed teaching and site administrative assignments at the elementary, middle, and high school levels before moving to the central office as a Director and Assistant Superintendent overseeing curriculum and instruction.

We anticipate that the co-interim superintendents will serve the District for approximately five months. During this time, the Board will conduct an extensive process to recruit, screen, interview, and select the next superintendent of WCUSD.


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