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Superintendent's Update - Spring 2021

We are excited to announce that our Board of Education has approved the phased reopening of our
elementary schools (TK-6), secondary schools (seniors only) and prioritized pupil groups for
in-person hybrid learning. Prioritized pupil groups include students on Individualized Education
Programs, 504 Plans, Foster and Homeless Youth, and English Learners. In addition, the Board has
authorized our Special Day Class (SDC) cohorts in grades Pre-School-12+ to resume in-person
instruction. Full-time distance learning will continue to be an option for any student. This has been
made possible under the State’s new framework and guidance.
Unfortunately, the new stable group requirement presents significant challenges with returning
additional middle and high school grade levels to campus due to existing class schedules. As
secondary students advance from period to period throughout the instructional day, they attend
classes with different peer groups. This is not in compliance with the stable group requirement.
However, the LA County Department of Public Health has indicated that the stable group
requirement may be relaxed in the future. If this occurs, we may be able to return additional grade
The hybrid learning schedule was developed with input from our stakeholders including
representatives from our labor organizations, parents, teachers, and administrators. The reopening
dates below allow for teachers and site administrators to plan for the new instructional model as well
as provide the opportunity for all staff access to the vaccine:

  • The week of April 12, 2021: Grades TK-2 and Pre-School-12+ SDC Cohorts
  • The week of April 19, 2021: Grades 3-6 (elementary schools only) Seniors
    and Secondary Prioritized Pupil Groups

To ensure the safety and well being of our students and staff, we have developed protocols in
compliance with requirements established by State officials and the Los Angeles County Department
of Public Health. All staff will undergo training to ensure proper implementation of these protocols
which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assigning students to stable groups of students and adults in a supervised environment in
  • which each stable group stays together for all activities (e.g. classroom instruction and
  • breaks)
  • Administering daily health screening questionnaires
  • Wearing appropriate face coverings and issuing personal protective equipment (PPE) to staff
  •  Utilizing protective barriers, customizing the set-up of classrooms, and maintaining physical
  • distancing

For more detailed information regarding the protocols, please refer to the COVID-19 Safety Plan and
LA County Department of Public Health Appendix T1 which will be posted on the District website.
As we get closer to the reopening dates, you will receive specific information from your child’s school
related to schedules, stable group assignments, cohorts, safety protocols, student drop-off/pickup,
etc. Once our hybrid schedule is in place parents will be updated via Parent Square, our website,
and social media. Again, thank you for your continued support and patience as we move forward
with the return of students. We are excited to have students back on our campuses!


Dr. Charles D. Hinman
West Covina Unified School District



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