Meet Charlie Cerda, Classified Employee of the Year

The West Covina Unified School District (WCUSD) selected Charlie Cerda as the WCUSD Classified Employee of the Year for the 2018-19 school year.

“It is difficult to assemble the words needed to describe an employee with such an impact as that of this candidate,” said Dr. Charles Hinman, Superintendent. “Part of the reason he was nominated was he continually follows through with assigned tasks, often going above and beyond. He is always eager to help anyone, especially our students. He is very deserving of this honor and I look forward to seeing him continuously grow at our district.”

Cerda has worked at the West Covina Unified School District for about four years, servicing all school sites and the district office. He started working at the district in 2014 as an irrigation/grounds maintenance worker and his responsibilities reached all students, staff and community members in some way. Due to his hard work and can-do attitude, he earned a promotion and became one of the district’s plumbers/welders.

In his current role, he installs, maintains and repairs pipes and fixtures associated with heating, cooling, water distribution and even playgrounds. He also replaces gas lines, reroutes main lines, installs irrigation systems, repairs structures, and performs welding duties.

“It’s nice to be recognized for the work I do,” said Cerda. “Ever since the district-wide celebration last year, people are even more confident to contact me directly for help. It feels really good to be able to make an impact on my coworkers and all of the sites I serve.”

Charlie Cerda is known as a professional, respectful colleague who always exceeds expectations and has an exemplary work ethic. He is generally on-call and often works extra hours to ensure projects get completed. He is devoted to his job and sets an example for other employees.

“He has stepped up when others are absent and provides assistance to his peers when they need additional support,” said Jeff Peiten, Facilities Director. “He makes sure things get done and has a great attitude while doing it. He is an excellent communicator and is a true asset to our team.”