Meet Dave Larkin, Administrator of the Year

The West Covina Unified School District (WCUSD) selected Dave Larkin as the WCUSD Administrator of the Year for the 2018-19 school year.

“To be elected as the District Administrator of the Year means administrators and peers saw him as a professional, supportive, go-to person,” said Dr. Charles Hinman, Superintendent. “He always has the best interest of students in mind. Very rarely in this field, are you able to find someone like him who believes the passion and purpose of what he does is for students, even though it might be outside of the classroom.”

Larkin has worked in the construction industry for more than 25 years, working solely new construction and modernization projects for many school districts in Southern California. He was hired by the West Covina Unified School District as a consultant for 6 years before securing a position as the Director of Maintenance and Operations.

Due to his remarkable work ethic and expertise in construction, he was quickly promoted to his current role as the Director III for Facilities and Capital Projects in May 2017.

Dave Larkin is known as one of the most humble and hardworking people in the district. Many colleagues say he never wants to take credit for his work and is the first to jump in when needed. His priority is always the well-being of students, staff and the community.

“I was taken by surprise,” said Larkin. “It was really unexpected. There are many individuals in the district who, I think, have a bigger impact on students and overall success of our District.

Larkin devotes countless hours, often during the holidays and breaks, to ensure all facility projects are completed and maintained properly with minimal disruption to students and staff. Creating an inviting and clean environment where students are excited to come to school is very important to him.