Aeries gives teachers, administrators, parents, and students controlled access to student information such as grades via a web browser interface.

Bell Schedules

The bell schedules vary by school site to accommodate the needs for each school. To view a school's bell schedules, visit the district's bell schedules page.

Bus Schedules

The bus schedules and routes vary by school site. Please visit the district's bus schedules page to view drop off/pick up locations and times.


District Calendars

Use the filters on the district's "Calendars" page to view district calendars such as the following:
  • WCUSD Special Education
  • WCUSD Foster and Homeless Youth Center
  • WCUSD Board Meetings
  • WCUSD School Calendar

School Calendars

To view school calendars, visit the "Calendars" page under "Get Connected" on the school's website.

Use the filters to view school and district calendars.



School Loop

The following sites will be used to access grades only. All current school information is hosted on our new website.

Special Education


Our educational technology staff is here to help integrate technology into the classroom. We help empower students and staff with the skills necessary for success by:

  • Providing access to technology that supports district standards;
  • Providing instruction to foster competence in technology use; and
  • Providing learning opportunities that utilize technology to equip students with 21st century skills.

Low Cost Internet

West Covina Unified School District has partnered with EveryoneOn, a national nonprofit to inform WCUSD families about low cost internet offers, computers and digital literacy training locations available. Visit the EveryoneOn website and enter your zip code to find low-cost internet and computer options. 


Students are able to sign in to all educational resources through their Clever portal.

WCUSD Reminders

There are no events to display

At-A-Glance Calendar

The WCUSD School Calendar specifies days of student attendance and days off.

You can download it for reference.

2018-2019 School Calendar

2019-2020 School Calendar