Family Supports & Resources

The West Covina Unified School District is proud to partner with community organizations and provide an array of services to students and parents.


The WCUSD Foster and Homeless Youth Center offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at providing support and assistance to both students and parents within the West Covina Unified School District. Some of the key services provided include:

Educational Support: The center offers academic help, including tutoring, study groups, materials, and course advice.

Counseling and Mental Health: Professionals provide emotional support, promoting well-being during tough times.

Basic Needs: Ensure essentials like food, clothing, hygiene, and supplies, crucial for struggling youth.

Parental Engagement: Workshops empower parents to support their child's education and skills.

Advocacy and Liaison: Bridge communication between students, parents, and school, aiding challenges.

Community Referrals: Connect families to local resources for housing, healthcare, and more.

Enrichment Activities: Organize fun activities, fostering social skills and new talents.

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